Lose up to 10kg's in 56 days with the 56 fit program.

Making a Change is not just about exercising to lose weight, we know real change requires tough decisions and habitual changes, start working with a coach who has been through a similar journey and can provide the results your hard work deserves!

What's included in the 56 Fit Program?

Nutritional Guidelines.

Sometimes it's hard to make the right decisions when there is so many different opinions out there.

Let an advanced sports nutritional therapist help you understand and filter the nonsense from the good stuff.

You will receive my 56 Day eating guide and full coaching support, so you can learn and easily follow my steps to success.


Bespoke Training.

Training sessions are tailored to suit your ability and needs. Expect to be put through your paces with master trainers helping you through the challenges programmed sessions.


Full Access to master trainers

Our full support when you need it!

Not just in the classes but we are there to make your journey easier, we will monitor your progress every step of the way and give you regular feedback.

You can also contact us through the Phone and Email.


Be part of an exclusive community.

You also have access to our exclusive fitness suite, training with other like minded individuals and online community where you can communicate with fellow members.

Stefano has had an amazing journey, this is his story and feedback.

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